Iceman Retro 5.5" Thinning Scissors Blue

Product Code: 170617


Scissors Which Make a Fabulous Fashion Statement

Bright candy colours pep up your cutting experience. Iceman Retro 5.5” Thinning Scissors are salon scissors which are light in weight, well-balanced and affordable scissors. Featuring 5.5” stainless steel blades with 28 teeth, offset design and removable finger rest. Ideal for thinning any length of hair, wet or dry. Perfect for beginner hairstylists and apprentices, as back-up thinning scissors for senior hairstylists, or for home use.

  • Colour: blue
  • 28 teeth
  • Removable finger insert x 2
  • Removable finger rest
  • Offset design
  • Standard thumb curvature
  • Hangsell packaging
  • Brand Iceman 
Technical Specification
Blade Type Hand Honed
Brand Iceman
Colour Green
Features (scissors) Off Set
Length (scissors) 5.5"
Series 28 Teeth
Series 5.5"
Series Retro
Thinner Teeth 28 Teeth