Iceman Suntachi Swivel Thumb Thinning Scissors, 27 teeth

Product Code: 170763


The Problem: You want to relieve shoulder and wrist stress.

This new Iceman design for hairdressing scissors features a 360° rotating thumb which minimises hand and wrist strain by allowing your hand and shoulder to remain in a relaxed, natural position. Experience the quality of Iceman hairdressing supplies, cold hard steel.

  • 27 teeth: ideal for coarse or curly hair
  • 6” in length thinning hairdressing scissors
  • Rotating thumb allows for vertical and diagonal cutting
  • Cobalt stainless steel
  • Removable finger rest
  • Raised adjustable dial
  • Hand-honed blades
  • Brands: Iceman
Technical Specification
Blade Type Hand Honed
Brand Iceman
Colour Silver
Features (scissors) Off Set
Features (scissors) Rotating Thumb
Length (scissors) 6"
Series 27 Teeth
Series 6"
Series Swivel
Thinner Teeth 27 Teeth