TIGI Copyright Custom Create Creamy Finishing Wax 20g

Product Code: 702680


Create long-lasting hold, lift and definition with TIGI Copyright Custom Create Creamy Finishing Wax. This luxurious wax with a matte-finish contains creamy beeswax for cohesion between hair fibres. Clever styling polymers build lasting texture and body. Intended for workable styling, this creamy wax is great for any style between messy texture and a groomed finish. All hair types will love the long-lasting, all-day hold and definition.

To Use: Rub into palms then apply through dry hair to create your desired style.

Similar To: TIGI Bed Head Hard to Get Texturising Paste or TIGI S Factor Creamy Molding Wax


  • Matte-finish luxurious wax
  • Adds long-lasting hold
  • Workable styling
  • Creamy beeswax creates cohesion between hair fibres
  • Styling polymers create lasting texture and body
  • Helps create everything from messy texture to a groomed finish
  • For all hair types
  • Size: 20g
Technical Specification
Brand TIGI Custom
Hair Concern Shaping Control
Product Type Wax