Dateline Professional John Mannequin

Product Code: 140200


The Problem: Practicing men’s styling and cutting techniques.

Designed by hairdressers, for trainee hairdressers. With the correct hair density, in the required direction. John is an excellent economy mannequin. Ideal for practising beard trimming and tapering, moustache trimming and tapering, general cutting, clipper cutting and styling.


  • Colour – Dark brown
  • Length – Medium hairdressing mannequin head
  • Style – Long increased layer
  • Hair Type – Protein fibre
  • The use of thermal styling tools over 120°C is not reccomended
  • Brand: Dateline
Technical Specification
Hair Type Protein Fibre
Brand Dateline Professional
Colour Brown
Gender Male
Length (hair) Medium
Series Male
Technology Protein Fibre