Iceman Suntachi Black Widow Green Gem 5.5” Hairdressing Scissors

Product Code: 171770


Made from the highest quality Japanese hitachi steel, Iceman Suntachi Black Widow Green Gem Hairdressing Scissors feature a stylish ‘greenback’ jewelled spider and black spider web design. Ultra sharp with a long-lasting edge, these scissors are ideal for all lengths of hair. Perfect for cutting, sliding, slicing, chipping and notching.

  • 5.5” cobalt stainless steel scissor with convex edge
  • Hand-honed blades
  • Hollow ground
  • Fixed finger rest
  • Offset
  • Standard thumb curvature
  • Colour: silver with green gem
Technical Specification
Brand Iceman
Colour Silver
Length (scissors) 5.5"
Series Black Widow