Malibu C Blondes Wellness Hair Collection

Product Code: 906442


Are you tired of having your dazzling blonde hair colours turn drab and muddy soon after clients have their hair coloured? The Malibu C Blondes Wellness Hair Collection is an at home maintenance system that assists in keeping your clients’ blonde colour treated hair refreshed and radiant between salon visits. Instantly amplifies and brightens natural blondes, bleached or highlighted hair. Ideal for all hair types except white, non-pigmented hair. 100% vegan.

Why Your Clients’ Will Thank You :

  • Keeps their natural or highlighted hair looking as if they just stepped off the beaches of Malibu
  • Revitalises highlights and shimmery hues between colour services
  • Helps remove and prevent brassy, ashy, “muddy” tones
  • Preserves the health and brilliancy of bleached and highlighted hair
  • Enhances volume for body and bounce

To Use:

  • Daily Use: Clients can shampoo and condition hair daily (if desired) with the Malibu C Blondes Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Once a week: Shampoo, rinse and pour Malibu C Blondes crystals into a wet palm. Rub hands together, adding water to dissolve crystals creating a paste-like consistency. Apply and scrunch throughout hair, leave for 5 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner. For damaged hair, the Malibu C Miracle Repair Hair Treatment is recommended instead of conditioner.


  • 1 x Malibu C Blondes Wellness Shampoo, 266mL
  • 1 x Malibu C Blondes Wellness Conditioner, 266mL
  • 4 x Malibu C Blondes Hair Treatments 

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