Malibu C De-Ox Sachet

Product Code: 906559


Stop oxidation of bleach and developer. Malibu C De-Ox is a unique backbar product designed to normalise porosity and pH. Cost-efficient and 100% vegan, De-Ox is simply mixed with water then applied to hair after colouring, lightening or toning to stop oxidation. De-Ox sits in the hair for only 60 seconds before rinsing, delivering your client the best service and results possible. De-Ox ensures maximum bang for your buck – the sachet, once mixed with water, forms a light gel and spreads easily throughout hair. This cruelty-free hair remedy was designed and manufactured in the USA.

Malibu C used to say that Malibu C Crystal Gel was used to stop oxidation, until the invention of De-Ox. Malibu C De-Ox gives you way more bang for your buck because it mixes with 240ml of water instead of 60ml and it does not oxidise as fast as Crystal Gel, so you get way more life out of it.

To Use: Fill applicator bottle with 60ml of water and pour in crystals. Shake to dissolve. Add 180ml of water, then shake to form a light gel. Dispense and saturate onto oxidized hair to stop oxidative action of developer and bleach. Rinse De-Ox from hair and shampoo and condition, as necessary.


  • 6g sachet (simply add water)
  • Stops oxidation after colouring, toning or lightening
  • Normalises porosity and pH
  • Spreads easily through hair
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% vegan
  • Formulated without gluten, sulphate surfactants and parabens
  • Professional use only
  • Made in the USA
Technical Specification
Brand Malibu C
Hair Concern Colour