WetBrush Pro Backbar Detangler Royal Blue

Product Code: 104152


The revolutionary detangling brush which glides through tangles with less breakage and pain, optimised for the backbar. Meet the WetBrush Pro Backbar Detangler Hair Brush Royal Blue, with exclusive AquaVent design to allow water to drain out the brush for easy clean-up and drying. Large cushion hair brush means faster detangling, while the rubberised EasyGrip provides secure grip for wet hands. Wet Brush does it again!


  • AquaVent design allows water to drain out of the brush
  • Exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles
  • Minimizes pain and protects against split ends and breakage
  • Ergonomically designed EasyGrip handle provides secure grip with wet hands
  • Works wonders with all hair types
  • Expanded cushion area for faster detangling
  • Glides through tangles, minimising pain, split ends and breakage
  • Suitable for wigs and extensions
  • Over 100 million WetBrush brushes sold worldwide!
  • Colour: blue

*Do not use with a hair dryer, as heat may damage the bristles. Use the WetBrush Pro Flex Dry instead.

Technical Specification
Brand WetBrush Pro
Colour Blue
Series Backbar
Series Royal Blue
Technology IntelliFlex