Xanitalia Techno Galets Wax Discs Chlorophyll

Product Code: 175919


Super convenient stripless wax refills. Xanitalia Techno Galets Wax Discs are great for topping up wax heaters throughout the day or for popping in a small wax heater. Made in Italy, these wax discs are the best quality with superior elasticity, ensuring only the thinnest layer of wax is needed. Designed to melt and cool quickly to spread easily and efficiently. In Green Chlorophyll, wax enriched with soothing chlorophyll for fragile skins.


  • Green Chlorophyll: Enriched with soothing chlorophyll, leaving even the most fragile skin smooth and clean
  • Convenient size for topping up wax heaters throughout the day, as well as small wax heaters
  • Italian-made formula with superior quality
  • Stripless wax technology: no need for wax strips
  • Increased elasticity, so a thin layer of wax is all you need
  • Xanitalia is designed to melt and cool quickly to spread easily
  • Soft, creamy consistency
  • Size: 500g
Technical Specification
Brand Xanitalia
Series Wax Discs
Technology Hard Wax

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