Yasaka YS-400 Thinning Hair Scissors

Product Code: 168021


Impeccable Design, Faultless Manufacturing

Exceptional scissors perfected over 50 years of manufacturing. Yasaka hair scissors feature ‘clam shaped’ blades which have been sharpened using a method unique to Yasaka. Made from special stainless steel with superior tenacity and wear resistance. Impeccable design, Japanese technology and faultless manufacturing- no wonder Yasaka is so highly regarded in the hairdressing industry.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • 40 teeth hairdressing scissors
  • Convex edge
  • Hollow ground>
  • Fixed finger rest
  • Teardrop thumb holes
  • Off-set design
  • Coin adjustable tension
  • Includes protective zip pouch
Technical Specification
Brand Yasaka
Colour Silver
Length (scissors) 40 Teeth

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