Echos Hair Colour Barrier Cream

Product Code: 705818


Protect your client’s skin from irritations and marks whilst you colour their hair! Echos Hair Colour Barrier Cream is essential in preventing stains on the skin caused by colour oxidation. Creates a protective film to isolate colour from skin, helping to prevent irritation or blemishes while colouring.

Hair colouring accessories made in Italy by Pettenon, Echos Color is a classic, yet innovative line that meets all your hairdressing needs. Elevated, versatile and masterfully priced. That’s the Italian way.

To Use:

Apply carefully along the hairline before colour treatment. Washes out easily with shampoo during the final wash.


  • Designed to protect skin during hair colour treatments
  • Prevents colour from staining skin
  • Irritations and blemishes are avoided as skin is protected
  • Made in Italy by Pettenon
  • Size: 150ml
  • Brand Echos
Technical Specification
Brand Echos
Product Type Barrier Cream