Echos Hair Colour Stain Remover

Product Code: 705819


Colour Stains Removed Without a Trace

Hair colour accessories to remove all colour residue from client’s skin after colouring services with Echos Hair Colour Stain Remover. Utilising micronized crystals to gently scrub skin, all traces of colour are removed, leaving your client’s skin clean and stain-free before they leave your hairdressing chair!

Made in Italy by Pettenon, Echos Color is a classic, yet innovative line that meets all your hairdressing needs. Elevated, versatile and masterfully priced. That’s the Italian way.

To Use:

Use a damp cotton pad or sponge to apply stain remover to the skin and rub gently over stains.


  • Ideal for removing hair colour stains from the skin after colouring services
  • Powder base contains micronized crystals to gently rub away stains
  • Made in Italy by Pettenon
  • Size: 150ml
  • Brand: Echos
Technical Specification
Brand Echos
Product Type Stain Remover