Malibu C DDL XL Direct Dye Lifter Sachet

Product Code: 906561


Meet the new and improved version of the bestselling Malibu C DDL Direct Dye Lifter. Malibu C DDL XL Direct Dye Lifter is XL for extra lift! This new formula is designed to make colour correction faster, easier and more affordable than ever before. The freshly activated formula can be used with or without developer, giving you the absolute control you need during colour removal. Unwanted direct dyes can be removed easily every time, ensuring the ability to remove colour without the unexpected.

For professional use only

Activation : Open and pour Malibu C DDL XL crystals into a non-metallic mixing bowl. Add 44ml of 10 - 20 volume developer. Mix thoroughly and use immediately. For gentler lifting and to remove blue/green hues: mix Malibu C DDL XL with water instead of developer. Additives are not recommended.

Application : Section hair and apply freshly mixed Malibu C DDL XL with a brush to each section. Allow to remain on hair, checking every 5 minutes, for maximum of 45 minutes until desired results are achieved. Shampoo thoroughly and rise (Malibu C Un-Do-Goo shampoo recommended). Heat is not recommended. Use Malibu C De-Ox to stop oxidation after processing.

Cautions : Do a strand test prior to application. Do not apply if test shows splitting. Avoid contact with eyes. If any mixture gets into eyes rinse immediately with water and call a physician immediately. Do not apply on (1) eyelashes or eyebrows (2) children (3) scalp or skin (4) hair coated with metallic dyes. Rinse immediately if itching or burning occurs. Use suitable gloves when applying, working and rinsing.


  • 20g sachet
  • Makes colour correction easy, fast and affordable
  • Removes unwanted direct dyes
  • Creamy, non-drip formula
  • Success with or without developer
  • Helps preserve the integrity of the hair
  • Please keep in mind, this product will lift natural pigment
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Formulated without formaldehyde, gluten and parabens
  • Made in the USA
Technical Specification
Brand Malibu C
Hair Concern Colour
Product Type Colour Corrector
Size Sachet